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ZANDVOORT LOCAL - for the love

Having resided in Zandvoort for nearly a decade, it's the singular spot in the Netherlands where I genuinely feel "at home." Nestled between two National Parks, with the coastline at its doorstep and just a short train ride away from Amsterdam, it offers a tranquil and unparalleled living experience. I relish the vibrant energy of bustling summer days with festivals and surf vibes, yet equally cherish the serene tranquility of winter, where foxes and deer meander through the village, claiming it as their own (which it actually is). Zandvoort truly encapsulates the perfect blend of lively excitement and serene solace for me.

How it started

In 2019 I wanted to create a small design for my local surfer friends and enthusiasts of Zandvoort. Although I wasn't born in Zandvoort, I've always felt like a part of the community, loved and respected by its members."Zandvoort Local" was born, a brand for all locals, wanna be locals and Zandvoort enthusiasts. I got so many reactions wearing the sweater that I decided to make a new design every year embracing the love for our beautiful town.

Zandvoort Local

Fast forward five years, and the Zandvoort Local Sweaters and Tees have amassed a dedicated fan base. All Zandvoort local products are limited edition items, with a new design released every year, making each piece a collectible. The Zandvoort local sweaters and tees are available in local surf shops and in my own online shop here.

2024 Zandvoort Local Design

The new Zandvoort Local Sweater is available online. The design is inspired by the mermaid that opened our Zandvoort Beach season in 1955. Local fishermen catch a mermaid swimming in the sea off the coast and row her to shore. Although this mermaid would be named a city marketing asset these days ;) , old mermaid stories appear in the folklore of many cultures worldwide, including Zandvoort. Watch the mermaid video from 1955 here.

All designs and artwork © Joan Bergmans

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