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Specializing in illustration, custom art, and design, Joan is determined to share her "love to art" with others. She gets highly inspired by the beauty of nature and the old surf culture. She has worked with many other creative entrepreneurs, surf brands, and friends across the globe on collaborative projects. You can find her illustrations in a variety of online and print media.


"I loved creating things as a little girl and can't imagine life without it. Making something beautiful by putting in time, effort, love and dedication gives me so much energy. I live in a beautiful coastal town in the Netherlands. I am a surfer and passionate about the ocean, making this my favorite place to get inspired by its colors, energy, and people.  I crave adventure, art, love, positivity, and sustainable change."


Studio Artworks

Joan runs a creative studio in an old fire station building in Zandvoort. Here she works on her designs, art and creative projects. Read all about it on her studio website here.

Making waves

Besides running her studio, she is active within 3 foundations that are close to her heart.

As a previous chairwoman for Surfrider Foundation Holland Coast she helps to keep our oceans clean fighting against plastic pollution, coastal development, and much more. 

As an ambassador for the Share the Stoke Foundation she empowers and helps young kids in poor coastal areas to surf. 

Recently she started helping out Adopt Rainforest . A foundation that is fighting to preserve and protect the rainforest in Costa Rica for future generations and for the fight against climate change. This piece of rainforest is one of the most beautiful, special and most biodiverse places on earth. 

Selection of Clients

Brunotti, AtAloha, Liefs uit Zandvoort, Surfana, Thalassa, Le Bar, Gemeente Zandvoort, Juttersgeluk, Surfrider EU,  GoedeGolven, Boulevard5, OrthoPhysics, Meet me at the Beach, OrthoPhysics - Springtij Film - Single Fin - POPkitesurf - FysioInc - Framewise - Surfrider Foundation - Girl Surfs World - Good People Surf 


Bocas Art Show (PAN) - Surfcity (NL)


Print Media

Zandvoort Local Guide, WSSM (womens surf style magazine) - MUI magazine - The Inertia - 7MARES magazine - Surfgirl magazine

joan bergmans.jpg

" When it comes to ART its important not to hide the madness" 

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