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MAIN design artist collection

For many years I'm lucky to call myself part of the MAIN design team. This sustainable brand has been my go-to swimwear brand from the moment they started many years ago. Not only because their swimwear is extremely comfortable, perfect for surfing and made from high quality fabrics but also because this brand is conscious about every step they take growing a rad and fair business. I'm beyond excited and honored to be their first artist to design for their newest artist collection.

About MAIN

MAIN Design is a eco-conscious swimwear label, owned and operated by the two creative entrepreneurs and surfer moms Tiina and Yvi. They specialize in sustainable surf and swimwear for the eco-friendly surfer and momma. Colorful styles made with recycled materials will give you yet another reason to feel your best. Help protect our oceans in eco-friendly swim and beachwear. We give back 1% of all online sales for the Oceans. Read about their story here.

Joan X MAIN Design

As a surfer I feel we have the obligation to protect our playground. This was our leading theme for the design. We decided to go for 2 dolphins swimming through plastic trash. Why dolphins? MAIN means "Play"and to me dolphins are the most playful animals in our oceans. The dolphin spirit animal reminds you that while it's important to manage your life, it's equally important to get out, travel, and explore your community or the world. And you don't have to do it alone. While dolphins revel in their freedom, they also like to stick with their pods. This reflects me and the MAIN design team 100%.

With this design we want to raise awareness for the immense pollution and growing danger for marine life. Please help to keep our environment clean, reduce plastic, pick up trash, and recycle. Read more about the beautiful new salty collection and our collab here

MAIN design team

Check out the talented MAIN design team here . This team is an amazing group filled with artists, photographers, designers, filmmakers, surfers, snowboarders and badass moms from across the globe. We all share a similar outlook on life.

Treat yourself to some beautiful pieces in the Main design SHOP here!

All designs and artwork © Joan Bergmans


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