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BODHI BEACH - that one magical place on south beach

As the waves dance along the shore and the sun sets over the horizon, Bodhi Beach Zandvoort is the place where you want to be to celebrate life. I felt honored when they asked me to create a special design for BODHI that incorporates their family beach vibe, surfing lifestyle, love for nature, and soul.


Nestled on Zandvoort scenic coastline, Bodhi Beach is a haven for families and surf enthusiasts alike. With its laid-back vibe and stunning sea views, Bodhi Beach offers the perfect backdrop for a day of sun, sand, delicious food and surf. Whether you're catching waves or enjoying a leisurely beachside dinner, Bodhi Beach promises unforgettable moments for the whole family. Visit their website here.


As a surfer, I feel connected to the North Sea and its beaches. After moving to the southern part of town, I spend more time on the South Beach area of Zandvoort. Right away, I knew Bodhi Beach was something else. It still has that classic "everybody is welcome" vibe. After meeting the owner, Carolijn, and her family, I became a big fan of their little paradise tucked away in the southern dunes. Carolijn and her family used to live in Panama for almost a decade. As I lived there for many years as well, we instantly clicked and told each other stories about our lives abroad. She was looking for someone who could create a design incorporating their unique story. I felt honored to take this project on and loved every minute of it. We ended up creating two completely different designs. One classic design and one modern design. They loved both, so decided to use both for their apparel collection.

Something SPECIAL

Humble as they are the BODHI family will donate all profits earned by selling their merchandise to a children's home in Sri Lanka. Want to support the BODHI team and their dream, visit them this summer in Zandvoort and get yourself a unique sweater or tee.

All designs and artwork © Joan Bergmans


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